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Sara Angelini, Senior Litigation Counsel

for California

  • J.D., Golden Gate University School of Law, 2001
  • Joined GuideOne in 2021

Sara Angelini joined GuideOne in August 2021. Sara graduated from Golden Gate University School of Law in 2001, and, after a brief time as a general business litigator, entered the workers' compensation fray. She has worked exclusively as a workers' compensation defense attorney since 2002, representing large corporate clients as well as smaller businesses and homeowners. She has extensive experience representing clients from claim inception through discovery, trial, and appeal, and strives to always balance the drive to defend against the costs of litigation.

As a defense attorney, Sara believes the most important part of her job (aside from maintaining a sense of humor) is to develop a strong working relationship with her client that allows for honest, frank discussions regarding expectations and likely outcomes, as well as developing a personal relationship that fosters trust and respect for differing viewpoints. Sara's favorite part of being an attorney is writing, whether that be providing a comprehensive and educational analysis, or persuading a judge to agree with her legal position. In addition to writing, Sara's interests include travel, camping, and crafting. Sara and her husband Dominic live in El Dorado Hills with their three children, a dog, a cat, and a gecko. She's trying to avoid the addition of a hamster and a fish.


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